Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sharpen your senses

Two plates with roasted coffee beans. One sample is fairtrade organic coffee, the other sample is conventional coffee. I wanted to see if I as a untrained person could notice a difference. So I sniffed here and sniffed there and it did not take long to notice ... aroma - scents - shapes - colours - grades of oiliness. The two samples differ in many ways.
This week Vienna celebrates the annual vienna art week (vaw). I am joining if for the fist time and  I am delighted. You could say the vaw-virus got me. The programme ranges from blue chips like Olafur Elliason to researching artists like Anna Artaker and Meike S. Gleim (pictured below)

After the guided tour at Anna's and Meike's exhibition, we visited the "Verbund" headquarters' "Yellow Fog" by Olafur Eliasson where I learned about the Verbund-collection. The corner at 'Am Hof' has been foggy for 5 years already which makes the Yellow Fog the longest Olafur-intervention in public space. 

On our way home we paid the Secession a visit where 3 exhibitions opened tonight.
Big art so to say. It seems no respected exhibition can make it without penises.

At the vernissage I saw plenty of style, many dark red lips, sharp contoured bangs, oversized coats and and heels. No doubt, young female artists have a sense of fashion, while the men still hold on to their pretty ugly beards, still very fashionable in Vienna. 
Two floors lower you can see the famous Beethoven mural by Gustav Klimt. A piece of art that lawyers and heirs fight over. Yesterday the visitors did not care for Klimt but prefered to contemplate on a naked female butt. 

Today I might revisit the MUSA, the art collection owned by the city of Vienna. I have already been there last week. Mr Paula's mum and I had joined the guided tour. I advise you to visit guided tours with company. Otherwise you might end up in a 1:1 situation which can be really akward. 1:2 feels better.
The exhibiton 'The 70's' at the MUSA runs until January 4, 2014.
1970. flower power. drugged dreams. The guide told us that she does not tell pupils the whole truth about this piece of art. ;-)
The light is perfect, not to be taken for granted. Often you find unpleasant shadows across exhibited pieces of art, due to poor lightening.

"Kunst am Bau" - art accompanies architecture, in open space as well as in foyers.
The exhibition has some very enjoyable pieces of art on display. Entrance is free, guided tour every saturday at 2pm, free of charge!
Not pictured: The "Emil Nolde" exibition at the Belvedere and the Gazprom collection "Russian Dreams" at the Albertina, because visitors are not allowed to take photos of the exhibitions.

I am off for some roasted beans.
Sharpen your senses!

xo Paula

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  1. Thank you for the tour. I love your photography. There's some compelling about photos of people looking at art. Very interesting that men there still like to wear beards. They're definitely not in fashion where I live.