Sunday, 3 November 2013

More thoughts on harvesting


Friend R. was out on the field, harvesting the final crops before the farmer comes and ends the season with his plough.

It was raining and a cold wind was blowing. Let alone the thought of being out there - in the wet, cold dirt - made me shiver. I was lucky and spent 3 hours in the kitchen. Processing carrots.

Carrot muffins, carrot cake and vegetable soup. The red beets are in the oven, the smashed potaoes with celery and parsley are already in my stomach.
 vegan carrot muffins before baking (cinnamon nutmeg crumble on top)
same muffins, after baking

Peeling, washing, chopping and cutting vegetables that you lifted with your own hands is comforting. Dealing with the crop somehow ... warms you. I honour the crop and the crop feeds me. We are independent, a straight process, from the field straight to the pots. No supermarket nor logistics needed.
 creative chaos

But after all, it also means work. The peeling, washing, chopping and cutting. Without the crop I might have opted for pasta, aglio e olio.
 more carrots, on their way to the spring form

There was a hamster sitting on a little heap amidst the plants, looking at me with his shiny fur. He must have had a good time, nibbling roots all summer long. I like the concept of sharing.
Something to balance the sugar intake

While I was cutting off those nibbled parts of the roots I smiled and thought of that hamster, how content he was, sitting on his heap. I might bring my niece to that field next summer. This field teaches us a lot.

Are you still in the kitchen or does your kitchen stay cold on sundays?


  1. My weekly bag of vegetables I brought from my mum's garden will be turned into a quiche and a vegetable broth.
    The walnuts I picked and shelled will be used for smoothies and snacks. Though I'm curious if I soak them and blend them, if they'll make a sort of walnut milk. I think I'm going to try with a small amount just to see. I love experimenting in the kitchen and a quiet Sunday afternoon is perfect for it!

    1. This year was a good year for walnuts. I always keep a jar on my office desk. Some stressed co-worker like to pick some walnuts when they step by. Me, too!
      There are many more quiet Sunday afternoons to come, now that the autumn season is moving towards winter season. Have fun in your kitchen!

  2. Taht looks so delicious.


    1. Thank you! My co-workers can get used to this. :-)

  3. I want to come over and sample your baking and cooking :).

    1. Soups and pastries - the perfect diet for me. :-)