Monday, 4 November 2013

What I am good at

Schönbrunn Gardens, Vienna, autumn season 2013

Photo calendars need time and should not be started 3 nights before Christmas. Yep, I have learned my lesson the hard way, so to say the sleepless way, last year.

Back to the title: I am good at taking photos.
Not even a cognac coloured mini-skirt with Wolford Velvet de Luxe tights in "marlin" (blue) can hinder me from training my thighs. Squats are fine for me. The photo above simply would not work from a top-down angle.

The original photo is larger than the picture above. The quality of the photos is so excellent, it allows me to crop the original down to 30% or even less - and still end up with prints which are large enough for any calendar.

Now I am sitting here, smiling. I really like the photo I have taken.
I smile, because I can see my father smiling on Christmas eve, the moment he unwraps the gift December 24. Everyone in our family knows how much he loves squirrels. Like father, like daughter it seems.
Oh, and the bokeh of this lovely camera makes me smile, too.

What are you good at? You know you are got at it, when you can't help but ... smile.

Happy evening!


  1. What a great picture! I love black squirrels so much. They are rare here in Brooklyn so it's always a delight when you do come across one. There used to be a white squirrel near the playground and people loved it so much they named him/her Snow Belle.

    I'm glad you are back! Keep the pictures coming! XO, Jill

    1. Jill, "your" sqirrels are on their way to take over Europe. I was told they make their way down from the UK. My whole family seems to be into squirrels by now.
      Thank you for remembering :-)

  2. geniales foto! da passt wirklich alles.

    1. Hallo Maje!
      Danke! :-*
      Ich mach mich demnächst ans Ausdrucken, das ist dann nochmal was anderes, wegen der Helligkeit und so.

  3. What a lovely gift for your Dad! That photograph is absolutely perfect in every way.

    I got a couple of good candid shots of my daughter at her wedding this Summer, one of her alone and one of her with her husband. I like them so much I am giving her prints of them for Christmas. They are very different from the professional shots. More immediate and intimate. I used our favorite lens :).

    1. Hi Susan!
      One piece of advice: print your photos early. I noticed the printed versions often lacks something compared to the screen-version and it is nice to have time on you hands to improve the print. Last year I was very surprised how different the paper version turned out.

  4. I can't help but smile when I look at the photo of the squirell. Mr. C took a photo of a squirell in the Schönbrunn gardens last December. And now I can't help but wonder if it's the same one, maybe a an offspring or a relative? ;-)
    It's such little things in life that make my day.
    I love the idea of designing your own Calendar as a Christmas present. I'm planning on doing the same for my mum this year, but I'll use photos from my archive. Though not as artistic and professional as yours, like Susan's they're candid photos of private moments.

    1. You can bet it's one big family down there in Schönbrunn.
      Today there was an article about crows. Many peope in Vienna dislike crows. The article pointed out how intelligent those birds are and that those myths and legends, woven about crows are there for a reason. You are probable with their company, too?