Friday, 1 November 2013

Harvest in Vienna

Did you know you can harvest vegetables in Vienna?

Harvesting vegetables in Vienna has not been on my radar yet. Many community gardens have emerged over the past 5 years. Neighbours place crates in public space, in parks and around the corner and people come and take care of the plants they grow in the crates.The vegegables I am going to harvest to day grow on a field in the south if Vienna which belongs to a farmer.
A friend has a small field at rent and invited me to pull the the last vegetables before the season is over. You could say I am going to meet the "real thing".

As a vegan this is probably the best way to spend a sunny afternoon with a friend. I will see how I feel later today. Cold, dirty and aching knees? Good to know there is always a hot tub at home to comfort me.
Now I am off to recharge the battery of my camera. :-)

Part of the fun: we go there by train, with huge IKEA-bags and return with bags full of vegetables. Going there by car would be only half the fun!

Have a nice weekend!
xo Paula

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