Saturday, 23 November 2013

Test run

Janet from "The Gardener's Cottage"  recently posted a smart holiday survival guide. Her blog has calming effects on her readers. I have no idea how she does it, her writing is an antidote for many words that get said and written in the blogsphere. 

Back to her holiday survival guide. The bottom line (as I read it) is: organise. now. 
Tonight I went for a holiday-dinner test run: Wellington mushroom strudel, vegan. Wow. Considering the fact that I did not measure any ingredients and simply read a recipe online, left the computer, went to the kitchen and started cooking, this meal has urned out really nice. It is this kind of dish where you have to take a 2nd serving and later on you feel like you really want to go back to the kitchen and eat a third serving.
Only the butternut (pumpkin) lacked inspiration. Spicy hummus with chili did set it right though.

After the meal Mr Paula and I brainstormed, where this strudel may lead to: add some sliced roasted seitan or maybe crumbled fried smoked tofu?

Anyhow, this test run did make a festive appearance, with its colours. It accompanies red wine very nicely and I am fully satisfied, in more than just one way.



  1. Wow, that looks yummy! I'm glad you found Janet's blog. She has great ideas.