Monday, 11 November 2013

Formerly known as red cabbage

You do remember the parsnip from two weeks ago?
By now all those lovely roots are history, like the rest of the harvest.

15 minutes of TLC and the parsnip looks like this:
Thank you, Mr Attila Hildmann, for inventing this easy, healthy dish. I would choose this dish over any fake meat, seitan, tempeh etc. Nothing beats the pure plant. Parsnip risotto with dried tomatoes, peas, onions, garlic, almond butter and topped with roasted almonds -  a quick treat after work.

One vegetable from the field has shown a surprising potential of morphosis. Over the past two weeks it has turned into something completely new. May I introduce, the plant, formerly known as red cabbage:
Due to the ongoing process I did not bear to cook it. The longer I waited, the more beautiful it became. Each morning it greeted me with new colours, surreal and in a perfect harmony. Who would I be to interrupt this piece of time-art?
And what were I going to miss, who knows how it continues? Well, now it is obviously to late for cooking anyway. Haha! 

It seems as if the wonders of the miracle harvest are never ending.
If you see what I see - an adorable aspect of nature -  then I can assure you that you are right place here. Because this sort of admiration is going to stay for some time.


  1. Your food photos are amazing. Maybe you should publish a book about food with your own photographs?

    1. Susan, thank you -for looking at my photos and for your supportive words!