Thursday, 7 November 2013

Iittala, you can't fool me!

One reason why I liked to buy Arabia dishes was the possibility to buy replacements or add some dishes to my "24h" collection.
In the past Arabia was Arabia until iittala bought Arabia and Arabia became iittala Arabia and everthing stayed the same.
Obviously everything stayed the same, take the 24h-cups for example.
But wait ... the new iittala Arabia's cup weight is almost 10% higher compared to the original Arabia cup.  In gold or silver these extra 10% would be a nice add on for the same price, but not so much when it comes to elegant off-white large cups.
Everytime I clear the dishwasher or pick a cup from the cupboard I sense the difference. The new old cup is a different design, sold under the same name. 10% wall thickness matters. Handles matter. The weight you hold in your hands – as the very first sensual experience in the morning, touching the cup with your lips, after a long night of sleep – matters.
Iittala, you can't fool me, because I am the woman who notices the not-so-obvious, as soon as I get my hands on your cups!

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