Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Good Day With Bad Weather

We have been hoping for bad weather, because there are a few projects waiting for us, that take time. Today was a nice day: the weather was really, really bad, so we needed no excuses to stay in the house all day long. When I say bad, you can be sure, it is bad. I would walk in the rain. But not in this rain. The kind of rain that gets hills moving downwards. The news reported several mudflows in Carinthia today.
I keep looking at the hill behind the house, a lot of trees are gone. The owner removed a lot of trees form the forest and I am keeping my fingers crossed, that the hill stays where it is.
Another hill. with plenty of trees to hold the hill.
drip drip drip  
Last night I started going through all the printed and scribbled recipes. They've accumulated over time and I decided to transfer them to recipe-cards, just the way my mother used to keep recipes.
Not every recipe will make it on a card. Lemon-maplesyrup-juice to keep my hydrated.

Believe it or not, but going through old recipes IS fun. It tells you a lot about yourself, your preferences. I obviously prefer cinnamon, carrots. They can be found in many recipes.

 left: new pile, right: old pile
 When you are foolish enough to invent extra work, be sure to supply yourself with the best tools possible. Clairefontaine paper for example. 
French paper is a smooth fundament for any future recipe box. 

All I can say, the new system already works. Mr Paula is preparing a late lunch/early dinner with one of the new recipe cards. Success!

Enjoy your bad weather, in case it decided to pay you a visit today.

PS: In case you are wondering how our apartment transformed over night. This is not the Paula Residence, but our friend's old farmhouse in Carinthia!

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