Sunday, 12 January 2014

whereabouts: Liesing

Liesing is the name of a stream in the south of Vienna and - better known - the name of the 23rd district of Vienna.
That's where we went for a walk yesterday.
Part of our route was the official Stadtwanderweg 7 (city trail nr 7), we mainly followed the stream Liesing, for hours. And ended in the 10th district, Favoriten.

We started in Alt Erlaa. When you drive to Vienna, arriving from the south, you will not miss these high rise buildings:

I had difficulties, capturing the architecture with my camera. Everthing is bending!
The "bathtub" in front of each balcony is convenient.

The "residence time" is long. Many residents in Alt Erlaa are residents from the "first generation" and when they move, they move to another apartment in the housing complex, lets say to a smaller apartment now that the kids move out.
  The architecture by Harry Glück dates back to "Alien", unmistakably.
The housing complex is so large, it comes with a private news network, here you can see the weatherforecast for Liesing:
A lot of the 1970's design has been preserved. The plastic turns organic over time but it is not getting renewed:
Even one of the - nowadays rare - old phone booths was allowed to stay.

Don't make the mistake and mistake this place with the banlieu. At the supermarket, old ladies get greeted by their husband's professional name (director, senate ...) - very, very middle-class, as to be found in Hietzing, Währing or Döbling (Vienna's noble districts in the West).
The shopping plaza in the centre. Now this looks old! 

Turn your head by 180 degrees and you will see this, seriously!:
 A few metres further, it looks like this:
 Ukrainian style in Vienna: bright colours :)

We even came cross some houses we could afford to buy (but not afford to maintain):

So on we walked, heading East. We came past a lake:

 And we did recognise some landmarks in the far distance:

 A Saturday afternoon in Vienna:

 On our way we crossed highways, underneath of course:
Yes, this walk did take ... HOURS!

 And had time for ethnological studies:

 After 3 hours I was not too sure, if we were on the right track to come past Blumenthal, the farm where I'd harvested vegetables with friend R a few months ago. But there we were, finally I made it to .... a toilet! And Mr Paula had the chance to meet the place I fell in love with this year. Everthing was quite.
 This is the field where hundreds of people harvest and look after their vegetables from May to November:

We saw plenty of old farmhouses as well as new single family homes:
Name of the road: Scheunenstraße. Barn road, how appropriate!

This is probably the southernmost the city gets:
Yep, this is Vienna, too!

Close to Oberlaa, where we hopped on the tram and drove back home.
Next time we will take the North of Vienna!

Today it's time for the museum. Unfortunately no cameras allowed. See you next week!



  1. It's always a treat visiting here and viewing your gorgeous photos Paula. I'm keeping you in my Reader :).

    1. Thank you Susan! Meanwhile I am really close to bringing my tripod with me. For more fun, on both sides. :-)

  2. Ah I know those buildings! We stayed there with my parents friends when we went to visit them in Vienna

    Though we didnt have a map of the city, and so coming back from Attersee I was sure we'd be able to use those buildings as a landmark. But of course we entered the city from the wrong end and we got very lost in suburban Vienna! A bit of an adventure!

    1. Hi Esz! It is true, you can see it from all kind of places in Vienna, but that does not mean you know where you are.
      Coming from Attersee (West) searching for the Wienerberg (South) is not the easiest thing. You have to drive right through the city (centre).
      What I did not like was the close look at the bridge - from underneath. I guess we are not meant to see the bridge from underneath but drive over it.
      The concrete is crumbling! The put up nets to protect the pedestrians underneath, Eek!

  3. Great vistas, lovely walk!

    I have been told there's more than one swimming pool on the roofs of the Alt Erlaa buildings. ;-)

  4. oh, diese gebäude in alt erlaa finde ich so beängstigend. wirken sehr futuristisch, va für die zeit, in der sie gebaut wurden. glotze immer wie blöd aus dem fenster, wenn ich mal mit der u6 vorbei fahre... :)

    liebe grüsse

    1. das nächste Mal nehme ich dich mit, an meiner Hand, dann verschwinden die "Ungeheuer". :-)