Friday, 3 January 2014

One day in Carinthia

... can be like this:
Sledge-family-time on the top of the Villacher Alpe, aka Dobratsch, close to the Italian and Slovenian order in the south of Austria, aka Carinthia. 
 The mountain builds a barrier and plays a major role for the local weather. It is really windy stormy on the top of the mountain. The view and the landscape pay off the rough condition on top.
Italy and Slovenia behind the mountains
You can not see the wind, but believe, it' right there! ... everwhere! In the Alps this special wind is called Föhn, english: foen. It is a wind that warms up while falling down from a high mountain. Well, here we are close to the mountain top, where the wind keeps falling down and slapped our faces. 
Larches dip the mountains in yellow shades in the autumn season.
The poles mark the way to the top
 I almost fell over - the wind was blowing so hard at this spot. In the photo the scenery looks so calm.

I tied the extra-shirt around my neck and face. Kept me warm!
from left to right: Ossiacher Lake, Wörthersee-Lake and Faakersee-Lake, the city of Villach in the middle of the valley. 10 min by car and you are in Italy!
The snow line is at 800-900mt, the large valley is green. The farmers are getting worried, since many plants need frost. Otherwise too many vermins survive the winter.
Ski touring works quite well with dogs as companions, as I noticed today. I also noticed how absolutely fit those people are, who walk up the mountains in Carinthia. People at any age, male and female. I take a bow.
Every single person who crossed our way smiled at us. We smiled back. The perfect antidote for uptight townspeople like us.
 Usually Jesus would be nailed on a cross, but here the tree decided otherwise.
 On our way to the Pyramidenkogel observation tower, we passed a ski jump that was busy. For the first time we saw this place in action. A very local experience. Including mulled wine and homemade cakes. :-)

 The pillars seem to be bending, but they are absolutely vertical. Fascinating design!
 Posters provide information:
Lake Wörthersee, towards Klagenfurt
We have been coming to Carinthia for almost a decade and every time, we discover new pleasantries.

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