Monday, 13 January 2014

Kokoschka seems puzzled

Today is St. Knut's Day. Over the past weeks, scenes like the one pictured below populated the streets – well, more likely the pavements - in Vienna:
The Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka seems somehow puzzled! 

Are you familiar with this sight in your streets?

Every other day the garbage trucks collect the abandoned Christmas trees on the "Knut-spots".
Chopped trees, transported in plastic bags is a new trend, I have not seem them before. The trees probably got so dry, that they did not make it outside without losing too many needles.

EDIT 1 day later:
More trees, spotted not far from the first spot. You need some artistic skills, to be able to throw your tree on this batch.

Riding my bicycle behind one of those garbage trucks has never been as pleasent as while during the Knut-days. The trucks actually smell good! ... thanks to the pressed trees inside the truck and the evaporating essential oils from the trees. These days will be over soon. Until then:

have a good time!

PS: Mr Kokoschka is there, because there is a poster, advertising the exhibition you can visit at the Leopold Museum, it runs until March.


  1. Isn't it sad to see how wasteful we are?! :-( instead of using an artificial tree you buy once and can use for decades or decorate a potted tree or if you have a yard, an outdoor dree?

    1. I wonder if they burn the trees in the power plant in Vienna.
      Ho-ho, those potted trees, they grow large! In the western outskirts of Vienna you find huge trees, formerly known as Christmas trees, fencing in small cottages.

      Years ago I thought those articifial trees were awful. Not any more!