Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lets go into detail


Our visit today at the Stadtpalais Liechtenstein was spectacular. I can say I have not seen anything like this before. And I have seen Versailles, Schönbrunn, the renovated Albertina ...

There were so many details and more details, it started outside the palais:
 Not that I am sitting here, I start to discover all the details. I did not notice the coat of arms nor the lion when I took the photo.
It was the most beautfiful light you could imagine mid january in Vienna.

Bankgasse a quarter to four, today.

I guess my shallow protestant/catholic-style-theory the day before was not that silly at all.
Susan, this sneak preview is for you:


Did I promise too much gold?

Well, this is SO different from our trip to Liesing a few days ago.
It makes me laugh, just thinking of the two extremes in one city. So extreme, with a dose of craziness.

Good night!

I need to find a way to stop blogspot "enhancing" my low light photos (like the chandelier-photo above). Any ideas?


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thank you. Are you going to tell us your zodiac sign?

    1. Hi Susan,

      sorry, I thought you clicked on the link in the last posting - Gemini! With heavy Virgo influences. :-)

      If you go back you find a link, the word zodiac links to a short story. I might alter the colour for hyperlinks, is it too subtile? Here your hear the Virgo talking ;-)

    2. Ok, this time I figured it out. No the link isn't too light it's just that I didn't get the hint to click for the answer. I thought it might be a general link, not specific to you. I am Pisces :).

  2. Yes, Palais Liechtenstein in Alsergrund is grand, inside and out. I walk in the gardens whenever I get a chance to do so, even if I have only minutes, I make a quick dash in one gate and out the other. Any time of the year, always uplifting.

    1. Tthe quality of light and color in web pictures varies often, unfortunately, also between websites.
      Are you working with iPhoto?

    2. Somehow the writing disappears when changing lines. In my first comment, I deleted accidentally the first few words, "Yes, I can't wait to see the Stadtpalais! Also the Garden Palais Liechtenstein in Alsergrund ….." ...

    3. I upload the photos via blogspot. On my desktop and as prints the pictures look fine. Blogspot manages the uploads with Picasa.

      I once met the ladies who take care of the garten in the 9th district (there are mostly women in this group, all working for the Stadtgartenamt). They really go into detail. What fun! :-)

  3. schön. ich mag das stadtpalais liechtenstein auch sehr gerne. besonders im herbst, wenn sich der ganze wilde wein verfärbt..

    1. Hallo Maje! Das ist das Stadtpalais - also ein Ausschnitt davon - das direkt neben dem Volksgarten hinter dem Burgtheater steht. Ich wollte mal die gesamte Ansicht zeigen, so ist es tatsächlich nicht ganz eindeutig, wo ich da war. :-)