Saturday, 4 January 2014


Klagenfurt is the regional "metropolis" of Carinthia. Usually we stay in Villach, not this time.
I admit, getting there was kind of scary.
Café at the truck stop in Austria.
You won't make it to Carinthia without passing through some tunnels.

In Klagenfurt you will hear many people speaking Italian. Right in the centre you will find the Auer Pharmacy, a legend. The joint-balm gets passed down in my family. I called my mum and asked her, if she can need a new jar. Passing upwards this time, so to say.

Look at the shopwindow, and you will get the feeling of this legend:
Is there anything not to love in on display?
I check the guide book what it has to say about this. I have to let you down this time.
Ahhhh, Kiki!! Love! :-D
Kiki Kogelnik was born in Carinthia in the 1930's and a feminist artist. She worked with masks. This fountain is called "Chant" (Gesang)
All photos taken January 2nd 2014.


  1. Uih ... das erste Bild ist gruselig!

    (Ich habe mir jetzt mal Wien 2014 auf die Liste geschrieben. ;-) Melde mich, sobald ich einen groben Zeitplan habe. ;-)

    1. Ich bin regelrecht zusammengezuckt, als ich da vorbeigegangen bin. Auch beim Zurückgehen, Richtung Ausgang. Wien 2014, das klingt richtig gut! Ich freu mich :)