Thursday, 16 January 2014

Time to desaturate a bit

Over night the golden light turned grey:
The photo above was taken at 11am. The light was poor but intriguing. 

Am I undemanding when I say I enjoy poor light conditions as much as yesterdays gorgeous light? Ok, maybe not that much. But still. The atmosphere as pictured above – perfect! 

The Riesenrad dissapears in the fog. 

Dear tourists, you, who plan to visit Vienna during this time of the year: we have a lot to offer, weatherwise!

I am sitting here with glowing red cheeks. The cold fog really confused my blood circulation. My fingers were freezing, now my face is burning, less unsaturated than the photos. ;-)


  1. Only you can be excited by this grey light ;-) I'll admit the photos are stunning, I could never achive this with my little camera :-( And yes I agree, Vieanna is beautiful in the Winter.

    Happy weekend!

    1. I agree - I only take photos like these with the new camera. It is part of a try-and-error: I see what makes sense and how "low" I can go, speaking of contrast etc.