Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Cacti. I thought they went out of fashion 20 years ago. In the early 1980's a cactus was THE gift at any occasion. They grew in cute tiny pots with cute tiny blossoms and you had to have some cacti nicely arranged on your window board. those cute tiny plants turned grew into large ugly cacti, obviously out of fashion, assuming you kept them. Is it rude to speak about fashion, when it comes to plants?*

Why would someone keep a plant like this**:
pretty ugly

They won't allow me to take good care of them, (taking good care = to water them everyday) because caring equals drowning. I find it difficult to develop a sincere "vegan consciousness", cacti-wise. I do not like them. Do they like me?

Cacti in bloom make the exception. 
They are such perfect motifs.
Call me bribable.

* This is a rethorical question. 

**This is not a rethorical question. Answers are welcome.


  1. The first cactus is so ridiculous that I almost like it! (It looks a bit like a knitted sock.) But no, I hate cacti, they've got bits that stick in you, sometimes you have to wait for YEARS before they deign to flower. They have a BAD attitude.

    1. hihihi. I admit, I was a little worried, since you feel for plants. "Ridiculous", you say it! Am I starting to develop some feelings for that sock? Oh my ...