Saturday, 29 March 2014

DIY route planner

This is my smart small phone:
Today I went to the service station with my bike. Since I am not familiar with the area, I looked up the route online before I left the house. On glance at the screen of the laptop and it was clear: This trip needed some serious preparation, otherwise I would get lost in the peripheries of Vienna.

So I sat down and sketched a quick DIY route planner. It proved to be a big success, I stayed on track:

Is there anything you can't DIY?

When sketching a plan, it helps to include also those streets, which lead you off track. So you know it's the 2d and not the 1st one to the left. The plan faithfully lead me here:
I found the area to be surprisingly appealing:

How could I not notice this inscription before?

Rome obviously did something to me, it sharpened my senses.

Probably not the best promotionial face for a wedding dress:
 Does anyone NOT see the horror in her face?

This woman seems absoutely petrified, on her way down the aisle. 

I understand her, I do.  ;-)


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