Sunday, 30 March 2014

whereabouts: Meidlinger Markt

My dear friend C. works as an editor at the weekly newspaper FALTER. He recently covered the Meidlinger Markt. My dear friend S. and her mum were regular customers at the Meidlinger Markt, back in the 1980's in her childhood days. Back then they bought vegetables, fruits, but also and shoes at the nearby shoe store. And french fries! Sweet memories.

S. read the article and suggested to meet for lunch at the market and enjoy a cup of coffee in the March sun.  Our visit together was a trip down her memory lane.
Blurry childhood memories from a colourful past.

The new picture looks nothing like the beloved memory:

The overall atmosphere is down tempo. In many aisles, the market life is absent. Many market stands are closed.

But: it is changing. Milchbart and Purple Sheep are two incredibly nice, cool and hip places where you can eat, drink, enjoy the spring sun and meet friends  - meet old friends and make new ones. The money you spend at the Purple Sheep supports the NGO "Freunde Schützen". win-win you could say. The food is 100% homemade comfortfood.

Back home I realised, that I had not taken any pictures of two newly opened trendy market stands. I only focused on the deserted stands. I guess I did not want to behave too touristy, now that the market has been featured in the newspaper.  So be aware: my photos do not capture the full picture of the market. Half a dozen farmers come everyday and sell their vegetables, bread, sausages, fruits and flowers at the market, too.

I can not define what it is, but the tables in front of the Milchbart reminded me of Hamburg. Friend C. from the FALTER agrees - Schanze, Altona ... it is a kind of very relaxed atmosphere, where you smile at the people who take a seat next to you, welcoming. The people come, stay, stay a bit longer and things evolve. A new vibe in Vienna.

Milchbart and Purple Sheep hopefully will work as catalyzers (I know, it is ridiculous that I don't have any photos. My apologies!). In April there will be 3 newly opened stands, because "Anna" is going to open her french grocery store at the market.

In the past deserted markets in other districts of Vienna underwent massive transformations - from market stands to large 3-storey buildings. The city destroyed market stands to make room for new public buildings on the former market grounds. Lets hope for the best, that this won't happen in Meidling. Let the catalyzers succeed and more entrepreneurs will follow.

On the one hand we hope that the market rises, becomes trendy and that the deserted market stands find new owners. On the other hand we want it to stay the way it is now, because overall downtempo you experience there is like an antidote to all the loud and trendy cafés which emerged on former un-trendy districts all over Vienna. In Meidling the prices for the market stands already went up. Gentrification on the move to Meidling.

This was weird: a stuffed bird hanging from the roof of the wast-container-depot. 
Probably to shy away pigeons.

I plan to visit the market again, and again ...  next time I will dare to take photos of the two new market stands. I am glad I discovered this raw diamond with the help of my friends. I only knew it from nighttime - it is along my jogging-route. At night all stands are closed.

BTW: did I already tell you that I believe Meidling is the most underrated district in Vienna? In case you missed the episode with the romantic underground station, please take a look.

 On my way back to the city centre I found more intriguing motifs.

Enjoy your Sunday!
I will dedicate it  - like many Sundays before - to my love. As for any love: seldom reasonable, always rewarding. Well, maybe not on a day with 20°C and blue skies...

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  1. I miss the old days of people going to the market to buy their daily groceries carrying baskets and textile bags or some other sort of container, but never a plastic bag from the supermarket filled with fruit and veggies wrapped in plastic. Yuck!