Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Paula needs a plan

10 days in Rome = 10 days of desorientation

Soon map became glued to my hands.

It was really difficult for us to know the directions in Rome. Not because of the size of the city, no. 

It's the malicious river called Tevere, which winds around the city centre, jumps from left to right, crosses up and down your paths and surprises you in places where you least expected it to come across your way.
This photo not only shows me. but also witnesses a common Roman behaviour: a driver who ignores the red light   

Here you can see where I am coming from:
the very organized Danube river in Vienna
Now compare the the river-map of Vienna with the Roman map:
the winding Tevere in Rome
Desorientation caused by rivers is nothing new to me. 

Villach/Carinthia has proven to be malicious, too. See for yourself:

Any recommendations for straightforward cities? Don't even think about proposing London. Someone is still recovering from Rome.

Should I add we had fun, with the river madness? Oh yes, we had some fun, since the Tevere never ceased to surprise us.


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  1. I confess I've capitulated completely and shamelessly! Last year in Vieanna Mr. C and I didn't use Garmin and it was a disaster, all those one way streets, finding a parking space etc. walking around in circles using a tiny map. It was frustrating.
    On our trip to Holland we used Garmin while driving and walking (in Amsterdam). Some might frown but it was sheer bliss. I could finally focus on the streets and the builidings and the people around me instead of constantly folding, re-folding and staring at the map.