Sunday, 30 March 2014

Temporary timekeepers

Temporary newspaper stands are a familiar sight in Vienna – during weekends and on holidays.

The plastic bags come with a distinct timeline which works like a clockwork. 
Wiener Zeitung and Der Standard in a more ... "academic" district of Vienna.

Saturday afternoon the majority of the bags is still empty.

Saturday evening vans appear on the scene, with them piles of freshly printed newspapers.

Saturday night people pick newspapers from the stands, on their way home from the nightclubs.

Sunday morning people walk their dogs and pick their newspaper from the stand. It is common to "forget" to insert a coin in the cashbox. Same with the BMW and Mercedes drivers, who stop for a quick pick at the temporary newspaper stand.

Kronen Zeitung in a ... "less educated" district  of Vienna

Late Sunday afternoon its time for the vans, again. Only this time they come to collect the empty bags and probably half empty cashboxes.

When the vans appear, there is not much left of the weekend.

Hush, hush, the vans are getting ready!

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