Sunday, 23 March 2014

whereabouts Rome: Lido di Ostia

I might add: Austria has no access to any sea whatsoever. You could say we are obliged to visit the beach,  as soon as there is a beach within easy reach. 10 days in Rome, 30 min. by train. You can bet we made this trip!

The trip to the beach takes approx 30 min by train, the train leaves approx. every 20 minutes. It is a comfortable ride. The perfect getaway to escape the crowds. At the Lido you will meet another typical way of Italien life, at the beach.

Our trip was off season, on a Friday afternoon. Here you can see what to expect at the Lido during off season.

Happiness is ... a beach. Quite clever design: the gate is formed by waves and the dolphins enjoy the gate. The beach is always fun!

The boulevard in Lido di Ostia.
 I want this buidling.
In Vienna. :-)
 Somehow elegant family life on a Friday afternoon at the beach. Lido di Ostia in March.
 Spring colours on the beach. Not the nicest view, but a very typical sight.
This scenery reminds me of straw fances that can be found at the coast in Japan. The straw fances build a shield against the wind and water.
 I knew nothing about the murder of Pier Paolo Pasolini at the beach, back in 1975. Our visit was quite naive.
  Beach style in early March (me)
Friday afternoon, Lido di Ostiense
In Italy you don't sit down in a Café and talk for hours. You meet on the piazza. And talk for hours.
 Sit and wait, sit and not wait. Just sit.
You know this already from yesterday. These men deserve a repost. This time within the context.
I spotted some young talents. 
I was relieved to see, that the tradition of talk in the street was passed to the next generation.
When you are on your own, heavy leaning is your pose. Don't even think about not leaning.

Thank you Lido di Ostia! With this building you prove my shallow theory of (bad) red/yellow/green design. So this special combination of colours IS part of the Italian design heritage.
A bench in front of the building invits people to admire the variations, the facade has to offer,
 The sun already sets, but we arrived too early.
 more than architecture
 This scenery reminds me of an Italo-Western town. Where is the saloon? Right behind the buildings to the left you find the beach.
 one block away from the beach

The garage door opened for half a minute and I saw a boring backyard. *shrugging my shoulders*
You might have to be a resident in Vienna, to be able to understand, why I just had to stop and take this photo. In Vienna it is forbidden by law to have various window frames and designs when the facade faces the street. The facade must show a 'uniform' face, all of the same. Whereas in the backyard you are allowed to do whatever you want.  I laughed, when I saw the diversity of windows in Lido di Ostia. Great!

 Friday afternoon, the kids are on their way to the trainstation Lido di Ostia, destination: Roma Termini
It would be interesting to know the price for these apartments. They are situated right beside the railtracks, but they do not look cheap. Notice the  nice plants on the balconies. And the luxury terraces on the upper levels!

Back in Rome, we will find out about my quest for the true Bocca de la Verità ...
Two hands, two oracles, but where is the true Verità?
 .... and we will take a close look at the Vatican:

It is already late, sweet dreams!

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  1. I've come to realize that it's always more educational when leraning about a country and its people to visit the outskirts of a major city. The "real" nature of the people can be seen more clearly. And in this case the laid back attitudes of people as well as the lack of maintentance of the beach off season and the colourful architecture of mixing and matching.