Saturday, 22 March 2014

chop sticks

Good news for the people who are allergic to birch pollen: Someone out there has been working very hard to keep your air free from birch pollen. 

See for yourself:
What a gesture. A little over the top, probably. Pictured today at the Marchfeldkanal in Vienna.

I plan to go back, in the summer, with my recorder, best time at dawn, when you have a chance to see the beavers. 

What will I hear? 

chop chop chopchopchop ?

chr chr chrrr chrr ?

This is the "big picture": Beaver's heaven aka Marchfeldkanal in the 21st disctrict in Vienna.


  1. I've been following your Roman holiday with interest and enjoying your very individual outlook. I thought that you were safely back home, but the beaver destruction looks fearful. That is serious tree felling and I can only be thankful that there are no beavers near me!

  2. I wonder what the rangers say. The beavers have been restored (not sure, if this is the right word) not long ago. Just like brown bears in the Alps. (No sucess story for the Austrian environment. Almost all bears got shot, a few managed to escape to Slovenia)
    I wonder, if the beavers have a future in Vienna, The chopped birch must have happened very recently.

    How comes you have no beavers in your neighourhood? Is it dry or too cultivated for them?
    Thank you for your interest in my Rome trip, I am not done yet :-)