Saturday, 22 March 2014

Desaturating in Rome

The Vatican, seen from the Vatican* (*on top of St Peter's cathedral)

Rome impressed me. The views are impressive. You can't see, what you see, because you see too much, to see it all. 

Enriched stimuli are thrilling, I agree. But don't you agree - a pinch of desaturation goes so well with the "wows" and "yays". Lets take a backyard in in the 1930's development area 'E.U.R.' in the south or Rome. There is nothing wrong with a bland view:
You enter a church with 'wows' and 'mmmmhs, sometimes even with a short laughter, because what you see surprises you. Slowly but steadily you discover calm amidst the visual spectacle. Keeping your head down, helps:
During carneval people throw confettin in the air. As a matter of consequence, it lands in the street. Before I got too used to this colourful sight, I bended over and pictured it.
Those untidy colourfull streets became a common view during our stay.
As soon as carneval is over, those pavements show their true face. Did you know that Rome was almost bankrupt, three weeks ago? The poor condition of the streets provides hands-on experiences. Not so perfect for the "Head in the air" - experience. A lesson I have learned in Glasgow.

And I thought, Glasgow in desperate need of repair. haha!
stairs without tripping - good condition

Travertine is a very common stone, used for stairs and curbstones. And pillars. And walls. I would say Travertine is a stone that shapes Rome. Where does it come from? From surface quarries all over Italy, having spent a good time under water.
Travertine's time is over. The future comglomerates probably won't be based on chalc, but plastic.
The common sight of a modern shore, a plastic beach
Why am I holding my camera like a frog in my hand? I tried to protect it (the camera, not a frog) from sand grains.

So this is it, the down-to-earth posting from Rome.

I think I'll stay at the Lido a little longer and watch the Romans, on a Friday afternoon, while the light is getting warmer.

Later we will head back to Rome, where we climb some hills.

Among these photos are some of my favourite Rome-shots. I agree, except for the first pic, those photos don't look a lot like Rome. Still, they feel like Rome to me. Even when the sign says 'ostia centro'. :-)


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