Monday, 10 March 2014

whereabouts: Rome

Our 10 days in Rome allowed us to meet the whereabouts of Rome - the corners and vistas where others might just walk by, heading for the next queue.
Porta Port(u)ense flea market, Sundy morning
After a certain amount of time, you start to see patterns. Lets start with Roman smart cars.
typical apperance of a 'smart' in Rome
maybe slightly more extreme, not that typical but still a very common sight
either an old model or the result of former crashes?
this design was unusual: scotch-tape-stitches all over
probably the safest place to drive and park a car: inside the Vatican
This is not exactly Vatican but somehow it is: St Paolo fuori le Mura.
The church basilica is part of the "extra-teritorial Vatican"

Again - this is just the ceiling.

Close to the Mura, in Ostiense, they serve appetizers like this.

Carbofuled like an antico forno, we were ready for new adventures. lets take the Villa Borghese for example:
More to come!


  1. the Smart cars made the hirs on my back stand up in horror!

    Otherwise it looks dreamy! The light in the photos is so inviting :-) Looks like you had a fantastic vacation

    1. We are still very excited! Maybe it's because of the amount of café in our venes. Rome IS spectacular. By saying this, I also refer to the Trattoria around the corner. :-)

  2. Oh, good, you're home and you've obviously had a great holiday. Your car photos make me smile and remind me of the horrors of driving in Rome (and that was fifty years ago!) You've had good weather, eaten tasty food and taken lots of beautiful photos to share with us. Excellent!

    1. One evening we stood in awe at the Piazza Venezia, just watching - the car-ballet in front of us, with occasional busses apperaing on the stage. Amazing!
      Maybe the smart is just too chubby, just like the Renault Megane's rear.
      We have never seen as many smart cars as during our stay in Rome.

  3. It's true - From looking a the photos I get the impression of perfect weather. The wet truth is, you don't get to see the other days, because I was too worried that my camera might get damaged. There was a lot of rain, but nothing a good working radiator wont dry over night. :-)