Thursday, 13 March 2014

Favourite surprise in Rome

The Pantheon in Rome is a true "head in the air" experience.

Well, we were not very well prepared, having not read those thousands of pages about Rome before our trip.

Nevertheless I had managed to read at least some pages - especially about the Pantheon in Rome. After having visited the Pantheon in Paris before, I wanted to know what the Pantheon in Rome is about. So I knew beforehand that there is a hole in the centre of the dome. This was the image I had on my mind, when we entered the antique building:
I also expected to see the fresco in the dome which fakes 3-dimensional niches in the dome,
until I discovered that ...
... the niches don't fake 3-dimensional niches, they actually ARE 3-dimensional ! 
Me, in the very moment of surprise, captured by Mr Paula. Can you see my surprise?

I like being surprised. It''s the surprise that tickles your synapses and leads to new paths in the brain. Don't the eye specialists say 'The eyes are excrescences of our brain'? At least my eye specialist says so. :)
 And 'off' I was, head in the air, seeing processing what I had not expected to see.
While I had my head in the air, there was a crowd around me, which I did not mind at all.

Mr Paula had no problems with the 3-dimensional niches at all. But it took quite an effort to convince him, that this IS a hole in the centre of the dome. He did not believe me his eyes.

 Meanwhile outside, on the doorsteps of the Pantheon:

See you!


  1. Oh das ist ja auch ein feiner Blog. Ich finde es so schön und wichtig sich für wichtige Augenblicke Zeit zu nehmen. Da finde ich ein "Foto-Tagebuch" eine super Idee. Ich möchte in nächster Zeit mal das Projekt auf meinem Blog mit Fotos umsetzen, aber bisher hatte ich natürlich noch keine Zeit. Wie es eben so ist...

  2. verena, Fräulein im Glück - es geht wieder weiter in Rom! (leider auf Englisch, aber gespickt mit Fotos)
    Danke für euren Besuch! (Kalt war's heute in Wien. Gut, dass die Mütze vom Pantheon auch heute mit dabei war)

  3. My favourite time to visit the Pantheon is during a rain shower. Watching the rain pouring in through the oculus is an unforgettable experience.