Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Nostalgia Alert!


I never saw their videos. MTV was not available in Austria in the 1990's. Which means there are movies on my mind whenever hearing their tunes, movies such as the moments I shared with my friends while listening to Erasure, in the discotheque, in the car, ...
May you just want to listen to it:

I love the song. As much as other songs like "I love to hate you", "A little Respect" and many more.
Erasure was part of the soundtrack during my language-course in Eastborne, summer 1986.
A few years later their album"Wild!" accompanied me in my little red car. I could listen to their music for hours. Lucky me the two met plus they decided to make music plus they were large during my teenage years.

Thank you Vince, thank you Andy!

PS: You have been warned: Nostalgia!

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