Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Joy a Simple Ironing Board Provides

My beloved ironing board or as some of you might say ironing table fell apart.

This photo dates back from better times.

Unfortunately the new boards are all made of metal grids what means the steam can burn your legs when you sit while ironing while your legs rest under the ironing board.
This happened once when I ironed at my parent's place, not being used to this modern design. Nevertheless, the good old compressed wood boards are not available any more so I ordered a modern metal grid-ironing board.
Today I checked the route of the parcel (bought via amazon) and can you believe it: I am excited and can't wait until it finally arrives! I cross my fingers, it will be nearly as handy and small as the old one.

But happend to the sturdy gal Paula (quote LPC) who used to show up at work, wearing any hooded sweater and leaving the iron cold in the closet? Why the ironing all of a sudden??

Before, ironing my clothes used to be a rare ritual, that took place the evenings before I left for a trip. I ironed everything to keep the stuff nicely and flat in the suitcase. And while being abroad, I enjoy my the ironed clothes so much ... this is probably the reason why I started ironing at home, it enhances everydays routines with the flavour of a trip to Paris or Tyrol.

I know, many people have a cleaning ladies who also iron. They don't know anything but ironed clothes. Well, since I follow Gwen's and Lindsey's advice - the two founders of The Laundress recommend not to hang any starched, ironed garments in the closet, since the starch may cause stains over time, I pull out the blouse in the morning before work, spray it thorougly with ironing starch and put it on. One at a time. Sorry, cleaning lady, no ironing for you!

Hello to the latest follower, Metscan from Finland! I am happy to know you as a reader here, hope you enjoy the blog :-)

PS: tadaaa, a new Label, "Housekeeping" has been added to the list of Labels. Looking forward to enrich the new category.

it arrived! the postman was as pleased as I was. I am very happy to welcome my new ironing board. I can elevate it up to 95cm, a comfortable height for anyone taller than 175cm.

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