Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How to Enjoy 2 Seasons at the Same Time

This posting might be the last posting from the fall-season, winter is sneaking up...
Fall is by far my favourite season, there are not many things that can cheer me up like coloured leaves.

this time not on the ground, but on a hedge!

Are we privileged, being able to travel during the off-seasons, whenever we feel like it?

Friday afternoon, sitting inside a café, looking at a lake. Actually it's the Wörthersee.

One day, winter's heralds arrived at the bottom of the valley. But the apples were still on the trees! I saw many trees with lots of apples on them. Probably the price that gets paid is so low, the farmers don't bother picking the apples but let them rotten? Dunno.
I took this picture because of the red apples. Take a close look, please!

Oh, kitsch! trash! But very inviting ...

During our short hikes I took many pictures of larch-needles on the snow. The larch is "the" tree in Carinthia. I love it when they turn yellow.
This view reminded me of a kimono-pattern that does not exist, but in my mind.

I admit, everytime I encounter beauty, I think of something I know from Japan. I can't help it!

And here you find the origin of the footstep (top right) shown in the "pattern"-photo above: Jumping Mr Paula

1500m above us, winter already arrived. In full effect!
see ya!

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  1. Love all your active/hiking posts. Keep takin' me there while my butt is planted on the couch!

    What gorgeous scenery. Thanks for sharing.