Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's all in the Genes!

Niece at work, tons of butter in the mix

I could not believe my surprise yesterday: My niece shouted out "Ah, the princess and the pea!" *giggling*.the moment she glanced the piled sofa-pillows (without any bears on top). And she crawled on the pillow-tower, threw herself around and laughed " But I can't feel the pea! But I can't feel the pea".
This was exceptionally nice,watching my sister's youngest child and thinking "yes, it's all in the genes."

Picture taken from an earlier posting, the posting explains my excitement over the expression of my niece.

Yesterday we had a girls day "in" at my apparment. Mr Paula was away for the weekend and after taking family-portrait-photos at my sister's family (for christmas-cards), I invited my niece and my former Japanese teacher Y to my place. We baked "Vanillekipferl" the very old fashioned way:

First we peeled the almonds, so the Kipferl would be impeccable blanche like porcellaine!

The photos were taken by Y with her camera except the ones that show her. Thank you Y!!!
Then came the grating, oh my hand turned red, so hard to do by hand!

I enjoy this stage of the process the most!

I enjoyed it so much, I actually climbed in the chair! No, just kidding, I tried to capture an anonymous photo of Y, so I could publish it here.

Y rolls the hot Kipferl in Vanilla-Sugar what turns them into "Vanillekipferln".

Niece ended up dancing a "Gambare"-dance in the kitchen which was very entertaining!

Have to go now and to clear the final load of the washing machine! Meanwhile Mr Paula returned and enjoys the Vanilla-scent. Who wouldn't?

Have a good start into the new week!


  1. I love to read these bits and pieces of life in a foreign land. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Lisa! :-) Next we will be binding our Advent wreaths, a different, also very pleasing scent will be in the air: fir needles

  3. Looks like a fun, wholesome family day. Glad you had fun!

    Now that THAT's out of the way...

    Oooh, this one (niece) will be easy to convert to your dark side...she's already half there! You need to remember -- or discover -- what trait/hobby/saying of yours makes your sister crazy and make sure Ms PatP follows suit. It's an aunt's JOB to do so.