Monday, 15 November 2010

Year of the Metall Tiger


9 months ago the year of the Metall Tiger has begun. If I were to be pregnant with this "year", the child "year" would be born these days.

I don't know if you know anything about the Chinese Horoscope at all. Every year another animal (= sign of the Chinese zodiac) plus an element rules the year's energies. This year it is the Tiger plus Metall.

I can't recall a year with as many changes and energy as this year and I hope it stays this way until february 2011 when the year of the Metall Bunny - sorry - Rabbit starts.

Some of you might remember,
I went blonde
I renovated my appartment, 15 years after moving in

And today another milestone to be remembered took place: I made our reservations for New Year's-Eve! A table for two, 8.30pm, nonsmoker.

To Mr Paula and me this is a milestone, since we usually have no clue at all how to spend our New Year's Eve. Usually we start asking our friends after Christmas. Last year I invited us to my sister's party on Dec. 31, only 2 hours before the party actually started.

The place where we will dine is a small family-run restaurant on the top of a hill, surrounded by mountains. At midnight the churchbells will chime, we will drink champagne or any cheaper sparkling wine and dance under the starry sky amongst all the local people at the village square.
One reason why Mr Paula is looking forward to this evening are the excellent dishes they serve in the restaurant. Mr Paula and I actually never went on a vacation around Christmas/New Year before. This year we will visit the place "that makes me happy" for the first time during Christmas season.

Saturday evening we visited an outdoor-astronomy-lecture together with my youngest niece. We saw the Jupiter's moons and the Earth's moon at large. Since then I cought Mr Paula studying pages on planets, stars and the firmament whenever I get close to the laptop. A whole new topic for the both of us. We did not even realize, some "stars" in the sky are actually planets, such as Jupiter, which resembles a star when you look at it without a telescope. If you live nearby an observatory nearby take the chance and visit an event. It is fun, listening to an expert who know so much about something you know so little about. I obviously love listening to experts. The older the better!

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