Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Time for Something New. Lets start with Architecture

Having taken pictures especially for the purpose of publishing them here, I noticed myself picturing mainly historic parts of Vienna, such as buildings from the turn of the 20th century, imperial architecture etc. But there is a contemporary Vienna, too. You know? ;-)
Finally I managed to take pictures of a recent building I like although its scale is impressive, if not to say intimidating.
The pink/white building is located close to a really dense newly developed area. It was the first of a series of buildings.

I can't stand the densitiy around the white/pink building. Take a look:
I say "grrrr" when I face a disrespectful-dense neighborhood like this!

Who can enjoy the balcony, when everyone will observe every step you make? I prefer the "apparent densitiy" (as seen in the white/pink building) over "pseudo spacious layouts.

This park is next to the development area, amazing, the finished it first, before they even started with most of the buildings! You see the cranes in the back.

I say "encore!!!" when the development of public space is dealt with high priority!

Ah, the park is so nice. It was actually a swiss architect who won the competition: Hager Landschaftsarchitekten. Several really good landscape architect-offices are located in Switzerland.

I fell for grass. In fall/winter, when the grass turns beige and dry it gets a very special touch. Never cut it!

This last picture shows a school and kindergarden with lots of space. The school openend this september, situated in the development area. Since most of the buildings haven't been completed yet, there are only a few classes occupied. Quasi a ghost-school. But the children who already go to school there don't seem to mind.
The light in Vienna was great during the last weeks. The SIGMA DP1 camera captures the atmosphere in the best way I can imagine. Only the reds are tricky, as you might have noticed on some pictures from the mountains I posted a few days ago.

PS: I noticed, many bloggers I follow often publish postings dedicated to fashion. Their private wardrobe. I hardly do. Why?


  1. You know I LOVE he pink and white building! I could not live like that either where someone can see your every move. Not for me ! We live in the middle of our little woods and love it! I can walk around my yard in the moring drinking a coffee in my pajamas if I like . And I often do.
    We started the siding on the little house this week! I am going to go out and take pictires this moring so there will be new pic's on the little pink bungalow blog this morning!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. Kristin, of course, the Pink! I immediately added the tag "Colour" to the posting. I will keep my eyes open for more pink around me and picture it.