Thursday, 25 November 2010

Things that make me happy - Part III

Guess what this is- it is the old wall that once surrounded the city of Vienna which was very small back then (today's 1st district of 23 districts).
Up there where the lovely plants grow I like to go for lunch. Sportive lunch since it requires going up, stairs, not the wall!
Those plants make the perfect scenery for any break during working-hours in an office. This photo is not recent, the leaves are on the ground.

Back at home I take care of important tasks, such as filling sample-sizes with creams. In case I leave over night or lets say for 2, 3 days I don't have to carry the full load.

I love the look, when the cream sits in the crystall clean pot.

After the two close ups comes a picture of a sort-of-close-up: the chest of my dressing-table:

from top left to bottom right: eyelid-box / mascara and waterline-bag / foundation-box / brush-envelope and box / eyeliner-box / lipstick and gloss-box

As you can tell I am not strictly following one brand but lets say enjoy the pleasures High End cosmetics provide. You can see Giorgio Armani, Mac, Chanel and a bit of Guerlain plus Clinique.

This is only half of the story since the chest is divided in two parts. The righthand part is dedicated to my nails!!!

EDIT: I like to add another thing that makes me happy: the fact that Mr Paula meets me at the department store in half an hour because I wants to take a look at the new kuddly-couch-blanket I plan to buy, too. He is somewhat the opposite of the character Bill Murray plays in Lost in Translatiom when his wife calls him and asks him on his favourite carpet-colour. Ever since I saw that scene, I fear we might become this couple one day: me asking him those questions which are important to me and him feeling estranged. But then he calls me to tell me "Lets meet there in half an hour!" Maybe it's just he wants a really good kuddly blanket, too, so he cares as much as I do!


  1. The idea to pack cremes in sample size pots ok, but why not ask samples along next time you are behind the counter? You have an impressive amount of cosmetics; are you sure you need it all ; )?

  2. Hi Metscan! there are plenty of products which don't come in samples. And I don't mind doing it at all, on the contrary: it is relaxing and fun.

    Need? Oh, this must be the moment when I pass on to Karl Lagerfeld: "Need? Need? Need?? Of course we don't NEED them ..." (not literally but capturing the meaning of an interview in the movie 'Lagerfeld Confidential'). I totally share his view. I actually haven't shopped any make-up products lately, probably because I spend more time looking for other things I "need" such as luxury detergents *grin*
    Plus building a decent Erno Laszlo home-depot at this time puts the make-up budget on hold.