Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Save the Date: Christmas Season starts this Saturday!

I did not plan to stay so busy. But I am on my way out of the projects. Yesterday I wished a colleague at my 2nd job a "Happy New Year". He got confused and I explained: I won't work on any new project until 2011 because I turned down a project. For my own well-being. And since we would not meet until january 2011, I thought I would wish him a happy new year. (*)
Ok, this is weird.
I admit, I told him on purpose. The reason is: Now he knows I won't come back until 2011. Which means I have to stay away. No more 12-14 hours days until Dec.24.
Well done!

Christmas season can come. The kick-off takes place this saturday. My youngest niece (7yrs) will visit us for a sleep over which offers glittery pancakes and lots of stuffed animals which miraculously come to life as soon as the little girl crosses the threshold of the appartment. Grandma already knows, you can tell, the excitement makes waves.

Since I don't want to get too overly excited, I decide to look at sceneries like the photo you see on top. I could look at this FOREVER and ever. I lose myself in it. It calms me down instantly. Opposite of the horse-track is a newly built business-headquarter, where the employess can watch the people outside, walking with a horse in circles.

hello! You are a new follower to my blog. Thank you!! I hope you enjoy it.

And everyone: Have a nice fall-season!

(*) You know, it is really difficult to stay away and even harder to turn down a project over there, because it is the journalism-branch. Those projects come with self-fulfillment at large. Digging into research, digging deeper, interviewing people you would never meet and learning things you never dreamt of ...


  1. Beautiful photo, Paula. Have fun with your niece.

  2. They call it work-life BALANCE for a reason, Ms Paula. You can be fulfilled if you have lost your marbles [old saying].

    Enjoy your newly-freed up time. Nieces, blogging, playing.....

  3. LPC, I hope the sunlight stays like this for a few more days. It is a beautiful light!

    Vix, thank you for reminding me, I almost forgot. REALLY, no kidding!