Saturday, 6 November 2010

Finding a Japanese Mountain around the corner

Finally a new posting.

In my last posting I "promised" to show you some mountains from the south of Vienna. Here they are. We went on the top if the Ray, a "Hausberg" 1 hour from Vienna.

Let me explain how I found the Japanese Mountain in the South of Vienna. The ingredients are:

the way we went up on the top (passive mode with a transportation system)
the masses that went up on the top
the trail everyone follows, similar to the trail up Mt Fuji
the fog that arrived in the late afternoon
and of course: the deciduous forest on autumn colours.

enjoy the trip!

We were not the only with this plan. It took us over 1 hour to get up with the cabin and 2 hours to get down.

They handed out numbers similar to the system in government agencies ;-)
So we had lunch at the bottom of the mountain.

Finally, cabin 29, which was ours went up!

My favourite picture from this short trip.

The rock face was "covered" with freestyle climbers and and safeguarded climbers.

Suddenly Mr Paula beamed himself into the Rocky Mountains. At least I imagine the Rocky Mountains looking like this!

Oh, I almost forgot, the "Hochquellwasser" = spring water, which originates from high mountains which is our tab water in Vienna, originates right here!

So when you come to Vienna, don't bother buying bottled water in plastic bottles but try the tab water. It comes straight from these limestone mountians!

Conclusion after this "artificial nature experience": I rather not get up to the top but hike there. I missed somehow the nature-experience.

The contents actually date back from Oct. 10. This was the sunny sunday when Vienna voted for a new city government.
Almost one month later I can tell, it is going to be the first red-green coalition in Vienna. Which is actually good news after those decades of an absolute red (socialist) majority for the City of Vienna.

The reason I have been offline was due to work:
I have been away for a project related to my 2nd job.
After that my first job's boss sent me on vacation (it simply looks better in the balance sheet when employees spend their vaacation time before Dec. 31. Well, I must say I happily followed the order and spent one week abroad. I went back to the favourite place you probably already know. Recent pictures to seen here soon!

You probably know, but I tell it anyway: I enjoy posting and taking pictures. During my vacation I took a lot of "blog pictures". Mr Paula understands.

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  1. Well I'm very glad you're back (with photos, even) because I'll admit I was beginning to worry. I wasn't sure if foul play, illness, or an endless loop of Gossip Girl DVDs might be to blame...but work + vacation = relief!

    Can't wait to see what other photos lurk. Sounds like you had a little too much company for this adventure, but with weather like that I'm sure you couldn't blame your new buddies for having the same idea, ha.