Sunday, 28 November 2010

First Advent Before the Snow Arrives

Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt

Here you see the Advent wreath I crafted yesterday together with friends. After having crafted rather "tight" wreaths in the years before, I decided to do this one more relaxed style, with twigs pointing out. Lovely!

The scent is in the air and we wait for the first heavy snowfalls to arrive. 200km down south it is already heavily snowing, the wet air moves from the Mediterranean up north where it meets the cold air. Meanwhile there is plenty of time for some more handcrafting at home:

First time in ages I use rollers. Fun plus perfect training for the triceps!
I was not aware HOW chaotic it turned out ...

We can hear the snowplows driving by, getting ready for the job. Exciting! I am off to the kitchen, baking cookies, unfortunately today without last time's company.

EDIT: The snow arrived! Mr. Paula does not get my excitement.

The little stars symbolize the snowflakes, here you can see the latest weather-report.

By tomorrow morning the roads will be silent.


  1. how lovely! and i recognized the french salt pot and spoon which is a treasure in my household too!
    metal tiger

  2. Good evening metal tiger! There is nothing like a pinch of fleur du sel on top of a soft-boiled-egg.

  3. Beautiful wreath! I wish I had a talent like that. -Tracy

  4. Thank you Tracy! It's a bit like an enormous mathematican equation, you think it is impossible to do it at first but then, step after step .. it works out! Tonight I switched to easier, almost forgotten crafts: piercing an orange with dozens of cloves. I am curious, if there will be an orange/clove-scent in the livingroom by tomorrow morning?

  5. You look like a model from a 60s how-to article; too fun!

    What is WRONG with Mr P? How can the screen full of little snowflake/stars not warm his heart?? [He's probably thinking of traffic, though, and if so I can see his point.]

  6. Vix, if Mad Men had such an influence on me - the Rolllers! (admitting, I had "Amber" (only know her House's name) on my mind), and Pusing Dasies turned me into a chef de patisserie, what will happen after The Closure?
    I changed my mind overnight, now since the snow has arrived I can't enjoy it. Probably enjoy the great expectations the most!