Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Let There be Light!

Yesterday after work I passed the city center of Vienna, on my way to the haidresser, checking out the round brushes and scheduling an appointment for the touch-up of my roots Dec. 23, 3.30pm. I hope they will serve hot punch at the salon. I don't drink it (I get drunk way to easily) but I love the scent of cinnamon, orange and cloves.

Entré "Meinl am Graben", high-end-supermarket

When you leave Meinl am Graben, this is what you get to see:
Chandeliers! Huge Chandeliers!

And when you turn your head right, towards the "Kohlmarkt", this is what you get to see:
It rains light! Or rather "snows light".
Captured but not visible: Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, Burburry, Tiffany's.
Quasi the high-end shops next to the high-end supermarket.

All the christmas-lights in the city design a space that won't be there without them, quasi a limit to the sky that I enjoy every christmas season. I will continue capturing them. Only a few streets started yet, more to come on the 1st Advent-Saturday the day after tomorrow.

Now I know how comes I am in such a jolly christmas-mood quite early this year (the years before I used to be in no christmas-mood at all, neither in November, nor in December): its probably because I started gifting myself with lots of 100% christmas-flavour-presents such as cashmere-sweaters, lambs-wool mittens, a neopren-coat for my coffee-maker (to keep the coffee warm when enjoying long-lasting breakfasts), a ceramic ion-round-brush and the perfect merino-underpants* for my winter-hikes and skitours. It feels good to have sheep-wool that keeps you warm! I could even look up the sheep the wool is from, just have to enter the code from the pants online. When I find my sheep, I will take a screenshot and post it here.

40 years ago you could find those gifts under the christmas-tree. Well, except the round-brush and the neopren-coat.

* I turned my back to the high-tec fibers such as "ODLO" develops. They did not keep me warm. And they smell after a short period, they smell really really bad. The package-promo-text says: The merino underpants have been worn by some expedition-people, they wore them for 60 days in a row. Labeled "No stink"

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