Friday, 4 March 2011

390 nights, 390 mornings

For the last 3 years we have been waiting for this construction-site to begin. It is the building across the street, a former factory, mosque and sounds-studio will be transformed into Bobo-chique-lofts. The sign on the wooden board attached to the fence says: 01.03.2011 - 30.03.2011

13 months, 390 nights, 390 mornings. 25 lofts.
You can already tell by the dirty pavement: it is going to be a dirty job. And a noisy one. I know my friends for the early morning hours: ear plugs. Mr Paula is truly amazed how I sleep through the noise in the morning.

25 lofts will be sold, which equals approx. 50 new neighbours in our street, a street without neighbours so far, because the building has been empty for years. I think I might not mind the change at all. Though we will lose our open view, 2 storeys will be added on top of the building vis a vis. I am willing to trade the view for a new view. A different view, the view providing expensive Bulthaup kitchens and huge flat screens. There will be plenty of posh people to watch in the evenings, hopefully without curtains. When Mr Paula and I renovated our appartment last year, one of the things I took care of were curtains. Because I am not sure, if I want to offer views in return.


  1. Maybe it will be a nice change to have 50 new neighbours?

    Still not very fun to have over a year worth of construction going on. But glad you can sleep through it LOL!

  2. Poor Paula, looks like you will have extra dusting to do too.
    Renovations recently completed in my apartment, and am now agonizing over curtains for sitting room. Had a moment of deluded grandeur and chose a chandelier from the "Maria Theresa" range, and am now trying to decorate my(FF Table of Measures Postage Stamp Sized)apartment according to the Hofburg or Schonbrunn Palace School of Decorating. Fat Chance.
    Kindest regards,

  3. Hey Paula

    Thought I'd answer you here rather than moan on the mum is keeping me going right now. I've been out if work for a year, two friends have died in the last three years so Iam really isolated now oh and hubs is set on self destrructing and taking me with him. Sigh.

  4. Hey Paula,

    Thought I'd better reply here rather than on my blog - which is doing really weird things. eg all the blog rolls and stuff, have gone to the bottom of the blog page - they were at the top.
    I've just wasted 2 hours trying to put them back where they were.

    So reason for hiding my answer to your question about the card delivery today here - is that it involves dobbing on Mr iT.

    So YES I did receive your absolutely magnificent card, but not till Friday night. It was on the passenger seat of Chris's car when he picked me up from hospital on Friday night. When asked how long it had been there he was evasive, but his secetary told me at least a week.

    You are one crafty girl let me tell you! It's gorgeous!

    Poor postal delivery is now only one of the dobbing items I am wondering how to put on my blog without sounding like a shrewish ungrateful bitch. Working on how to present the further misdemeanors with humour.

    I've had big setback since Friday night arrival at home, and the back has misbehaved seriously. Unfortunately I've barely been able to turn on the computer so am way behind on blogging and correspondence and emailing, and texting and ringing (even Mum - very naughty that one).

    I'm slowly improving, the daily threat to reinstall me back into hospital has stopped me doing naughty things like shifting furniture.

    Thanks for staying in contact even though I am so far behind in blogging. I love getting your comments.

    Bronson is seriously chuffed at putting Townsville on the map for such a cultural Viennese Gentleman. He's thinking of listening to opera he's so impressed.



  5. Jen, the ear-plugs are doing their best but I guess I should go to bed earlier.

    marina, do you live in Italy? Besides Austrians I only know Italians who are so into the Old Habsburg Style.

    Tabitha, thank you for telling me. It's difficult for me to express myself in English and finding the right words ... I can only imagine the joy you find in blogging and the exchange online, missing degrees of freedom in your daily life.

    Louise, I was just a bit worried you might become too busy once you got back home. Thank you for the compliment, I should never stop and I am glad I started again last summer. Maybe you just let us know from time to time you are still there. :-/
    Please tell Bronson he is very welcome, since Mr Paula and his parents own subscriptions to the state opera. Chances are they let him a seat when Ballet is on the programme. Why is it that men don't like Ballet? Maybe it's just due to the poor skills of the Viennese Ballet dancers? stomp stomp stomp.