Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sneak Preview - Justified

Actions like this (below) justify the investment (above)

Dim sum preperation on sunday morning.
The blue tray/lid has no meaning, there was not enough space on the wooden board.

Before steaming, bed of kaffa lime leaves

After steaming:
The whole kitchen was filled with the scent of lime.
You can tell the difference between greenish (fresh) and brownish (already steamed) leaves.

As you can tell from the steel-steam-tray: I don't buy everything I might need, like bamboo-steam-baskets. I love it, when things work out in various ways.


  1. ohh looks good! Well worth it!

  2. Yum, send to TVL 12, now please.

  3. Paula,
    Bronson, the Fire Chief and International Viennese Townsville Celebrity just opened one eye and said - I want to swap the opera for a trip across the city on a Vespa.

    Bronson, getting very big for his famous boots, media courting him from around Australia. Strangely, no requests from Austria. I guess it's a language problem.

  4. Paula, the dim sum preparation looks fantastic, if you weren't all the way over in beautiful Vienna, I would happily invite myself over for dinner :)

  5. Louise, thinking of Bronson and the fire I have to say what I like most about the whole event is the posting you published, the one with no photos, your words, the way you told the story.

    StylishShoeGirl, please take a look at today's posting, there you find the Paula-Take-Away on site. No need to come, I take it out!

  6. See, I knew you'd jump into using this thing. Looks delicious from here.

    [Though I prefer your pics of landscapes/buildings as they only make me envious, not envious AND hungry.]