Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Arrival and a Sunday Review

I can't remember if it was me asking Mr Paula to take a photo or if Mr Paula sensed my excitement?
I am pointing towards the filling the processor prepared for the cabbage leaves
(cabbage leave: right bottom corner of the photo).

Above the mixer you see the blender that came with the mixer and how well the large blender fits into the shelf (Yes, the shelf I just cleared from un-used recipes. As if the blender was made for the shelf or vice versa).

Some quick and easy berry-icecream, right before I pushed the button.

I am so glad I bought the white version, can't stand black kitchen devices at all. Truth is, Mr Paula bought it. But he was on my side: "In Black? No way!"

I might need a new label. Kitchen? Food? Then proably every second posting would be labeled with "Food".

PS: I am wondering if shelf is the proper word for this piece of kitchen-furniture. Would it be "storage rack"?

EDIT - Sunday Review
Last sunday (the morning I cooked dim sums), Mr Paula and I visited Friend B at the convention centre. The idea was to bring along the lunch package and take a tour. Our worklifes are so different from this ...

So many people! It was as busy as High Street before Christmas.

Interesting conference room

Last day of the convention, legs are getting tired.

The location

The take-in/away.
The dim sums were still warm when we arrived, covered with pillows, wrapped in towels.


  1. Looks delicious Paula and I would say you found the perfect spot for it :)

  2. Jeanne, 100th Women's day will be the day I bought my first kitchen machine. You posted a beautiful picture yesterday!

  3. Looks like a great machine that's already being put to good use.

    I find food processors the best for making pie dough.

  4. Your processor looks like it was made for your kitchen. It matches so well!

    The berry ice cream mixture looks tasty!

  5. Jen, I gave it a try and this machine is an ideal dough maker, just effortless. Do you whip egg whites with a machine? (the mixer?). I find it easier to to mix the egg whites by hand.

    Adrienne, thank you! The berry ice cream was followed by a quick lemon-cake yesterday evening, after cooking Chicken Chow Mein and stir fried vegetables. Mr Paula wants to get me out of the kitchen. Today I arrived at work with a magnificent doggy bag for lunch. yummy.

  6. Hey Paula,
    Well, now, what was that convention? Did you go as a spectator, or did you have to work there?
    I love the face covers as you and Mr P imbibe in dim sum, with chinese hat shaped face covers. Very artistic and witty.

    Sorry I'm being a blog dag, had so much trouble at home this week, Neurosurgeons have to be Male to tell a woman now go home (after 4 and 1/2 week in hospital) and lie on the bed and do nothing, repeat nothing. And the house has no cleaning lady the boss decided to sack the last one, the week before I came home from hospital and forgot to advertise for a new one.

    So I am also expected to lie on a bed 24 hours a day, in a messy (and messy means really messy) house and do nothing.

    Well that didn't happen - so I've been doing too much, hurting too much, having to take more pain killers that make the brain fuzzy - and the major item that suffers is the blog, both posting and reading.

    Anyway, good news, first appointment back with the surgeon on Monday, so did a ten minute test walk on flat walk today, in brace, with very mild painkiller, and made it. Proud as punch. Now I can honestly answer yes, when he asks me if I have tried it.

    The Fire Hero did not come for a walk - he says he's too famous and there would be too many papparazzi around. The Dodgy brothers loved the walk - so now I'm motivated to keep- it up.

    I'm desperate for someone to help me with Wordpress and Aperture - the blog's really suffering from my problems with both. Cannot get a photo onto Wordpress through Wordpress -so frustrating.

    More photos of beautiful downtown Vienna please Paula - I love it.

  7. Louise, my Friend B hosts the convention in Vienna. For the first time Mr Paula and I paid her a visit. It was fun, I was impressed by the MR and CT machines, just until Friend B told be, those where just MR-dummies. And on ultrasound-beds models were getting ultra-sounds. Weird but fun to watch.

    It must be very hard, close to impossible doing nothing at home when the house is a mess. What to do? I would easily advice you to come over to blogspot. But I wont because google does not pay me. Is there no one in the pharmacy who could help you out? Those animals are help at all as soon as the fire is extincted.
    Cutting down on pain killers is a true progress I believe.
    Speaking of photos: A friend pointed out that now that I post lovely photos of Vienna, the tourist office should sponsor me. So in case anyone visits Vienna because of photos seen here, please let me know. :-)
    hm. My comments tend to turn into postings. ramble ramble ramble. Today I might post a posting without photos but interesting facts and thoughts.