Friday, 18 March 2011

I Am Not Cute

It did not take me long to realize: I am not cute. I know cute women. I am not one of them. They come in smaller sizes than I do, have smaller faces and smaller teeth. Don't think I am totally out of proportion. I am just not cute. Dictionaries say, the opposite of cute would be ugly. That's too brutal. Lets say sloppy, ok? A cute woman can never be sloppy, she will always remain cute. But it does not take much to turn me into a sloppy person. On the other hand it does not take much and I can become a decent person, still ways from being finicky.

Having reflected on what it takes to be cute ore at least decent, I came up with following formular:

2 of 4 = nifty*

*nifty is the closest I can get to cute.

The calculation is simple: There are 4 ingredients I can chose from. Minimum is 2. Any 2 of the following ingredients lead to a decent appereance.

1. fresh hair

2. Make Up

3. Jewelry

4. Manicure
Ok, this photo includes pedicure, too. :-) It doesn't have to be aqua-blue.

What happens if I pick only 1 ingredient, lets say the manicure? I would leave the house with greasy hair, a blotchy face and a plain neck/nacked ears. Would I feel comfortable like that? No!

Now let me add the second ingredient, for example jewelry: a cocktailring and earrings. The jewelry and the nails would make me feel good. As a result there is the decent appearance.

manicure + jewelry = decent appereance

This calculation might sound very strict to you. The truth is, it makes me happy, because it is effortless. And: Having developed the formular, I can tell now, why I feel slightly comfortable with my appereance. Chances are, I forgot to pick a second ingredient.

Another combination:
fresh hair + Make Up= decent appereance

As long as the hair is fresh and the Make Up brightens up my face, I can easily leave the earrings in the drawer and forget about the nails and still feel great.

Here we have it: it is all about me feeling good or great. Other might feel great every day, no matter how greasy their hair is. I am not one of them. Looking good makes me feel good.

I would love to add impeccable shoes as the 5 ingredient to the list. Unfortunately this would go beyond my budget. Maybe later!


  1. Paula,

    I heartily agree that appearance in the form of grooming is important as is being neatly attired, even if one is actioning sport or exercise.

    In time I hope that you will reveal yourself to us with an image...
    your hair looks lovely!

    I am not face is not perfect, but it is the face that I was given and I accept it with all it's imperfections...maybe that is why I pay more attention to make up and clothes...

    Nice pearls!!!

  2. Dear Hostess, thank you for stepping by and commenting, your comments mean a lot to me!

    I would be happy to send you a photo showing my face via email. My emailadress is on the right hand top of this page. It is just this "open-to-public-status" on Blogspot, that does not make me feel too comfortable. I just read at La Belette de Rouge's blog, how she revealed her identity last year, and how fine she felt. Good for her! I am not there, yet.

  3. dear paula,

    i think you are cute and i have never seen you. what would happen if you took all 4 ingriedients and added them together in one day, as i'm sure you do most days? wouldn't that make you cute? and what if you threw in a pretty dress? i bet you are way cuter than you are giving yourself credit for.

    have a cute weekend!


  4. fresh hair and makeup is a must for me. Usually I skip on the manicure, although I have hot pink nails right now, but jewellery is an everydau thing. Even it is just my wedding band.

    Isn't is SO true ~ it is all in the grooming and working with what you have!
    Mani ~ Pedi! Great hair day! ( which i never have) I have awful, thin hair! YOURS IS GORGEOUS!
    Jewelry can make a plain outfit stunning!
    I bed to differ though... you ARE cute! and PRETTY!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. janet, I love days when I take all 4 ingredients and I adore dresses. I am glad dresses are back. A few years ago I received only elevated eyebrows in the boutiques when I asked for dresses.

    Jen, I envy you for your wedding band!

    Kristin, I knew it! Glad you came over, your would have missed the prettiest posting on this blog in all times. hehe. You have to believe me, I am/was NOT fishing for compliments when I wrote this posting, honestly.

  7. Hi Paula,

    Ugh, I've tried a few times to comment on your most recent posts, but I have NO IDEA why blogspot toys with me like this! This is one of my favourite posts of yours (along with Pigeon Toes, Ikea and Good Posture) and wow, looks like I'm able to post on this one. I like the way you think. It's very logical and humourous at the same time.

    As for grooming, well fresh hair and makeup is a given for me. I have to be deathly, deathly ill not to care about that. I also feel naked without earrings on. I hardly ever wear necklaces. I like them but find it's just too hot for most of the year to wear one.

    I love that cosy wooden room that you stayed in in your recent post. Looks wonderful. I can only fantasise while I roast here in boiling hot Perth, Australia.


  8. Tracy, thank you for commenting! I would love to see what you look like, I imagine some eyecandy.
    It did not take me long, to start feeling naked when leaving the house without earrings.

    February is the month where my skin looks the worst - pale and tired. I returned to Giorgio Armani make-up, I love the foundation and blush, it is one of the few high-end make up brands that actually looks high-end on your skin. glowing!