Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lightening Up

It is still very cold in Vienna, -4°C in the morning. But the sun is present. And SS2011 fashion is around, too.

This corner of Vienna is a quite windy corner. Can you see the wind whirling the canvas blind?

Sights like these, moments like these, photos like these make me happy. A pinch of sailboat, quite timeless, imagining Audrey H. ...

Maybe a poor imitation of spring in the concrete jungle of the city. Still pleasing.

Today I discovered a new favourite: sunlight reflecting from a window on a facade. Through the windows vis a vis the sunlight transforms into a spotlight, and produces a special light-effect.
Those spotlights are not easy to find, I will keep my eyes open.
Sunlight reflected from the house vis a vis on the facade of the Albertina (museum)
(this is not the main entrance)
This is my 2nd spring blogging. The tulips are still wide asleep in the flower beds. April 20, really, does it take so long for spring to arrive?

Exciting news: Mr Paula will take a ride with his Vespa to the other end of the city today after work and pick up my ultimate, genious food processor tonight and bring it home. I can tell you, I did quite some research prior to buying it. I even visited a store only to listen to the different machines (reviews on amazon say, the only downside is the noise of the machine). Well, compared to all the other processors I listened to, mine sounds so nice. Almost elegant. This morning, before leaving the house, I cleared the area for the machine on the worktop in the kitchen. My mum might be concerned. All the excitement over a kitchen machine? On International Women's Day? Could this be even called a Backlash!?


  1. hi paula,

    i love the photos. i would love seeing more of vienna. do you find it interesting to see pics of southern california? if so, i will try to post more.

    what food processor did you pick? i use a kitchenaid. i love it and use it quite often.

    my mother was a nurse while i was growing up and tried to inspire us 3 girls to be professional women but i always gravitated to home and garden things. i know i disappointed her but i'm glad for the choices i made.

    happy day to you.


  2. What a clean and pristine city Vienna seems to be. Thank you for sharing the photos. Like Janet, I would love to see more.

    What do you have planned for your first turn with your new food processor?

    Darling that Mr. Paula rides a Vespa. I really like the image of him riding around Vienna with your processor.

  3. Vienna is certainly on my list of cities to see, so I welcome your pictures.
    You aked if I am Italian. I was born in Australia but moved to Canada, as a bride, in 1972.
    Mr. Paula must be happily anticipating culinary
    reward for his delivery services.
    Kindest regards,

    Kindest regards,

  4. Lovely photos, you make me want to visit Vienna!

  5. Janet, oh yes, I would love to see lots of photos from your surroundings. I am even happy to see the street in front of your house. During the winter months my outdoor photos were limited to skimountaineering. The label "Vienna" leads to some photos taken in Vienna throughout the last year.
    It is a Philips food processor, I will post photos tomorrow. It is not as silent as it was in the store, but the sales woman told me it would be louder when it crunches stuff. It is amazing how effortless this tool works. Amazing!

    Adrienne, Mr Paula had hard times, the machine was quite bulky in the box but he made it home and waited with the opening of the box until I returned from work. Now he thinks he is off any charges and duty for the rest of ... well, lets say this evening. :-)
    Vienna is said to be a city with a very high quality for living. There is an index, don't know the name which ranks city worldwide. The inner district is exceptionally tidy. Except the dirt from the horses. There are a lot of coaches in the city for tourist-rides.

    marina, at this time of the year, so many people visit Vienna. I like the city with tourists. Also I like to help out tourists who are lost. Right now Mr Paula is sleeping on the sofa, he could not help but eating the whole bowl with the dessert (instant icecream made of frozen berries, joghurt, honey and mint, all mixed in the food processor).
    The main course were chicken thigh-coriander-ginger-spring onion-garlic-sesame oil-chilli-lime-rolls, wrapped in cabbage, steamed in the pot, the filling minced with the ... food processor, accompanied with rice. I took a lot of photos, but now it is too late to start a new posting. I was truly excited when I pushed the button for the first time.

    Blighty, Mr Paula returned from a family visit at the west coast of Ireland last week, with a blink of an eye he was there and back home again. It is actually a short distance. Only as long as flylow and Our Lady Air fly are on time. ;-)
    Well, and the boys, do you think they would fancy playing with a food processor in the meantime?
    Somehow blogging gives me the feeling, Vienna IS special.

  6. The cityscape looks very crisp and so clean.
    I hope that your new food processor is exciting and that you have some fun chopping, mincing and pureeing.
    Hope to see some pictures of the new machine soon...