Monday, 21 March 2011


Mr Paula and I used to go through the VOGUE magazine during breakfast. Mr Paula was always busy studying the advertisments. What amused him most were celebrities who work as testimonials - mostly for cosmetic companies and the companies place the name of the celeb in the corner of the ad. It just proves these celebs might not be such big stars at all. I mean compared to Cindy, Linda and Naomi, who became replaced by Penelope, Julia and Sienna long ago.

Mr Paula is very attentive and knows any woman would enjoy a CHANEL paper bag, to bring her lunch to the office ... or maybe just carry a plain yoghurt and an apple.

Well, the Stefanel-typography as seen on this bag actually does look a lot like the Chanel-typo.

The "sch" in German is pronounced like the "sh" in "shower".


  1. looks like Chanel to me LOL!

  2. Mr. Paula sounds like a cool guy!
    ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Kristin, I can tell you, this is sooo him!