Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Second Hints of Spring And Some Serious Huff

Friend B knows how to pick flowers – bold cinabre

The flower box in front of the bed room window, last June:

Two weeks ago I cut back all the plants in the window boxes. The winter had been a very cold one, weeks with temperatures below -0°C. The roots probably froze. I might plant new plants this year.
My brother in law and I digged some bulbs in the boxes last december. I did not know back then, what colors the flowers will be.

There is a grey hair visible on the plant on the last photo. My neighbour cleans her bathroom carpet out the window instead of vacuuming it. As a result her hair tangles in my plants. I asked her once please not to do so. She said, it gets much cleaner when she shakes the carpet out the window. People should not clean their carpets at the window but in the court where we even have a frame for beating carpets. Or just vacuum it.
I loathe grey hair in my plants so much ... I need to get this cleared.


  1. That is very peculiar of her to continue to shake her rugs when you've asked her not to. Vacuuming should get them just as clean as shaking/beating.

    Regardless of the hair (yuck), the flower is still lovely.

    I have a tiny little something for you over at my blog. Please come by and take a look when you have time.


  2. That's so nice! (To have a rack specifically for beating rugs, I mean.)

    Very thoughtful design. I like how things aren't just "things," and that they shape your habits and lifestyle.

    I have a similar experience but it was comical. My university house mate had just shaved his head and I asked him what he did to his hair trimmings. I asked him because I wanted to let him know that human hair can be added to the compost pile. He's originally from Brazil (and I'm originally from the Philippines) so what I heard was that he "sprinkled it on his art." I was a bit shocked, because I didn't know that he was into art and that kind of art at that! It turns out that he said that he sprinkled it on the yard. Which is still sort of strange, because throwing it in the compost pile seems more straightforward than letting it decay in the yard...

  3. WB, okeeeeeyyyyyy, so I am actually earning compost from my neighbours ;-)
    ... sprinkled it on his art - that sounds somewhat 1997. Saatchi Gallery. to the Saatchi lovers: No offense please! I am not educated in art.

  4. My references are a bit more American undergraduate-centric: I was thinking about that Yale student who had this very convoluted art project. She supposedly repeatedly impregnated herself, then self-administered abortifacients and used the blood and tissue as media for her painting. Don't worry, her actual "artwork" was the false news release and no actual blood and gore occurred. I think.

    Um... I shall stop talking now.

  5. pfff. now is this weird or just sick? btw: I fear I am getting used to plucking the hair out of my flower beds in the window boxes and never talk to my neighbours about it.