Monday, 30 July 2012

In Your Face!

Downtown Vienna is undergoing some changes. Traditional stores have gone out of business, due to astronomical rents only flagshipsstores can afford. And a property-shark in Vienna is selling apartments in the centre of Vienna.

We read the slogan and think 'WTF?!'

Viennese are obviously not part of the target group, just look at the Timoschenko-braids the model wears. Those future aparments are built to be owned and not inhabitated, are the next piece of the puzzle called "Golden Mile" (yes, that's how the media names the new old quarter in the first district). This does not please me, nor does it amuse any of my Viennese friends.  It somehow just annoys us.

When property-sharks and Russian investors (one leads to the other) take over the scene, I become nostalgic and wish for the old days, back then when facades where dirty and grey and shops missed the bling-bling, but the apartments behind the facades were inhabitated and shop owners where actual shop owners and not brand-sales-managers.