Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lilac, with a Hint of Purple

Due to heavy rain I am unable to operate my camera. You find me where the lilac turns purple (enlarge the picture). Today even those who were not riding a bike, have been swearing and cursing by the time they arrived at the office. And now - guess what. The sun is out, acting like there has been no rain-incident at all just a few hours earlier today?
Har Har. Very funny.

Paula, not amused. I really wish I could bring my camera with me without the constant fear of ruining it in the multiple rain-incidents we experience around here every day. Maybe it's time to switch to indoor-photography. Cookies in the oven, nail design and bottles of shampoo on the bathroom shelf?

PS: No, I am not giving in. No Label such as "rain" will make it to Paula's Diary.

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