Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rural Culture


The Regionale XII is an art- and culture-festival that takes place in a very rural region in Austria. Many people leave the region and move to the major cities. The chairs on the tree symbolise the number of people who have left the rather small city called Murau.

I like the atmosphere around the festival, after two days you meet familiar faces on the various spots, everyone is moving around in the region and enjoying their time.

The pictures were in Murau and St.Lambrecht.
The Regionale XII ends July 22 2012.

Highly recommended!


  1. The Jolly logo was a trip down memory lane :-) I remeber the Jolly crayons from grammar school, the were the most expensive, the most coveted item an a status symbol. The size of the box, i.e. the number of crayons in it were the measure of worth and the only currency. Most students had regular crayons, a few had a set of 12 Jolly crayons and then there was one girl, the envy of the class, whose parents had bought her a set of 32 Jolly crayons!
    Enjoy the summer :-)

  2. coffeeaddict, I could not have described my thoughts and feelings I had when I took that photo better than you did. Thank you for sending this comment that comes from our past. I could afford single crayons, skyblue was my favourite colour. And NO other pencil winded ruined, loose audio-tapes better than that Jolly crayon!! :-)
    I still think they are prefect - in proportion, shape ...
    I wish you a lovely summertime, too!