Thursday, 19 July 2012

Minimal Fitness

All I need are these two tools and a pair of Mizuno running shoes to stay fit. I really like the idea of a minimal fitness concept.
After the run I lay down, exercise with the barbell (Hantel!) (f.e. pull it over ny head) and late stand on the wobbly cushion with both feet and workout with the barbell. And then I stand on one foot and try to keep the balance. It is simple and really effective. And I can take it almost everywhere. The photo was taken in my parent's apartment, where we stay over the summer, while they are on vacation. The whole concept is build around my back, to strengthen my back and keep it in a good condition.

This minimal fitness studio saves me approx 85 EUR / month, because that's how much a studio would cost. Oh, and those contracts, that make you pay for 6 more months even though you already cancelled your membership. Outch, no good memories at all!

Both tools - the barbell and the wobbly cushion have been recommended by my physiotherapist. Things that work are the best! And you can believe me, any physiotherapists have recommended a lot of things. To name the most pointless toos: 0,5kg barbells.

Have a nice day, whereever you find that personal 'minimal dose' in your lifestyle, I am almost certain you are going to enjoy it.

You can be sure, I am creative enough to find ways to spend those extra Euros I save like this on a monthly basis. Lets call it "cut and colour" or "hair and roots". 


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