Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer, Behave!

 Summer has been around for a month and as you can see: it does not behave at all.
No fog, but heavy rain that obscures the sky at 5.30pm

5.30pm would be the time you enjoy an after-work drink, sitting somewhere outside. Not when summer behaves like this:
It is amazing, how dark a sky can turn at 5.30. I mean that's the time of the day, where you can catch a sunburn!

The rain water downpipe could not handle the water masses, some sponanteous fountains started to pour water all over the place. Well, it did not really matter, since there was water everywhere:
The most ridicule fact about this mis-behaving summer is its flightiness, because one hour later, the rain is gone, skies are blue, as if nothing had ever happened.

Well, nice plan, but see the traces, no way you could behave as if nothing has happened, see how the footpaths in the park have been flushed out of the park:
In case this posting might sound a bit insane, I probably am a bit insane at the moment. Too many "ES SCHÜTTET"-text messages in 48hrs (received and sent) make me lose my cool.

Anyhow, enjoy your weekend!
Mine is going to continue with some yellow thai curry.


  1. We're having terrible weather here as well. It's quite unnerving :-(

  2. You know I feel your pain; our summer weekends have been especially hit or miss. I know others are facing extreme heat waves while you and I mildew but after my ~ 9 months of overcast skies that after-work al fresco drink etc does seem deserved.

    I try to tell myself the crappy days make the gorgeous ones that much better -- and sometimes that works. You're normally the optimist, not me...guess those raindrops are taking a toll! [And hey: at least you had the curry to console you.]

    Here's hoping summer shapes up before it's over....

  3. coffeeaddict, this is the best weather for catching up with sleep-deprivation. A cat would be nice to have, too. :-)

  4. Oh thank goodness! I came over to break the news to you that we are having the worst summer in 100 years. The rain has not stopped, I'm wearing autumnal clothes, be prepared!

  5. Hab´gerade mal aus Solidarität nachgeschaut. Mittlerweile hat sich das Wetter auch bei Euch ganz gut eingependelt, oder ?

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Tabitha, you know I keep thinking of you every single day. You understand we wonder why we even make the effort to fly to a country where it rains when we can have the wet experience at our doorstep. We reached the point where my parent's basement turns into a lake and needs some kärcher-vacuuming. Of course we have no doubt there will be lots of sun by the time we arrive in Edinburgh.

    nono, heute ist eindeutig der Tiefpunkt erreicht: am Weg ins Büro musste ich einen Zwischenstopp einlegen und Kleidung wechseln. Ich glaube ich habe auf 6km drei Paar Schuhe eingenässt. Sogar die nicht-Radfahrer sind entsetzt über das Wetter! :-)

  7. Vix, yesterday we actually had a nice evening, including aperitivo and snacks. But it seems I am not used to the Campari, white wine etc at all anymore. So I am not so unhappy there won't be an aperitivo tonight, due to heavy rain. My head will thank me. In case you wonder: those campari drinks just won't do it in the living-room!