Friday, 27 July 2012

On Days Like These ...

... I am really glad to know a waterproof watch on my wrist. I almost went for a water resistant watch (Glashütte Nomos), but luckily I have friends at my hand who know me very well and listend to them saying my livestyle is active and sometimes wet. Waterproof is what I need. Water resistant and beige velour (Nomos) is not what I need. They were right! 

Sorry to all you ebay-fake-sellers and copycats out there! teheh.  ;-) 
 I know when to watermark a photo
Yesterday we earned at least a bottle of wine from my parent's cellar by kärchering their basement after all the rain.
Did I already tell you, how the weather mocks us with the sun shining like there has been no Kärcher-incident in the basement a few hours earlier at all?
Well, this picture does not show my computer's desktop-background,
(the hue and chroma gets quite close, no?) but today's sky.

I really hope the time-to time German-written-postings don't annoy you. If so, please let me know! I would find a way to make it work out. Lets say a spin-off-blog, f.e. "Paulas Tagebuch", ohne Deppen-Apostroph for sure :-D.  

Have a nice weekend, can't believe it's already Friday!


  1. "kärchering" ist jetzt schon bei mir das Verb des Jahres :)

  2. What does karchering mean?

  3. Hallo nono! Dann hoffe ich nur, dass du nicht zu viel kärchering betreiben musst, diesen Sommer. Bei meinen Eltern in der Sommerrische hats der Kärcher nicht mehr getan, da mussten zwei Feuerwehreinheiten auffahren.

    Lisa, "kärchering" comes from the machine named Kärcher that can either blow water with high pressure (very popular when it comes to cleaning dirty moto-cross-bikes) or vacuum water (very popular when the basement floor is wet after heavy rains). The yellow machine shown on the photos is a Kärcher. The machine is very popular in Germany and Austria, so "to kärcher" has become verb in the German language.