Thursday, 22 December 2011

Almost there


December 22 and the gifts are already wrapped. Or should I say bagged? Because we changed to bags, paper bags and they go around. Last year I received gifts in those bags and this year I pass them on.
The brown creature in the back is not a mole but Mr Paula, fast asleep. I want to sleep soon, too!
But there is so much to see, lets take the investor's party that took place yesterday evening. The first new neighbours! At least for one night.
The architect was present. His car is a mobile billboard, it is covered with ads which promote the lofts on sale. I guess they did not sell all lofts yet. I can not blame the buyers for being hesitant - just thinking of the prosecutors who search the offices and files of former investores, prosecuting possible fraud. Big fraud. Massive fraud. The case already reached Liechtenstein. But that's a whole other story. I promise, the moment "real neighbours" move in, I will quit taking those nosey photos.
I took the day tomorrow tomorrow off from work, there are still some gifts left, that need my full dedication. To begin with the photo-safari my younger niece will get from me. During past birthday-family-meetings I noticed how she loves to sneak around with the point and shoot camera and take photos from every possible angle.

A photo safari seem to be the logical consequence as a Christmas gift for her. I have tomorrow to figure out which places we will visit during the day, what the mission at each location will be (a riddle that has to be solved and the photo will prove that we solved the riddle). I will join her and we will text Mr Paula at every station of the safari/marathon as soon as we solved the riddle. Mr Paula in return will send us the following riddle. And on we move.
I will have to include some stations that come with cake, hot chocolate, flowers or pizza. :-)
We don't want to starve.

And then there is this new, almost impossible idea: a gift for Mr Paula. He refused to accept any gift. But I know he needs to install lots of lamps and other stuff and we need to install the curtain rod in the living room. And that the walls that surround us are really tough to get in to. Tool time! te heh. I guess a year where I reward myself with a kitchen processor might be the right year to reward the man in the house with a decent tool. It should cut down the cursing to a minimum. Before I visit the DIY store, I should come clear with terms like drill hammer (Bohrhammer), percussion drill (Schlagbohrer) and a drilling machine (Bohrmaschine). Latest research showed, a drill hammer is what we need and percussion drills don't work very well when they hit concrete walls.

METABO - a brand which is new to me. A few hours ago I still lived in a BOSCH world. But then came METABO, on top of the google page ranks and converted me from camouflage-green BOSCH to timeless outdated petrol-blue. Not that the colours would influence my decision of course. I guess I will have to take what's left December 23.

The curtain with the stars decorates radio station's Christmas party year after year.


  1. I like to reuse gift bags whenever possible.
    The enchanting world of electrical tools...I confess I dare not come near them, I'm such a klutz!
    Mr C is fond of Alpha tools and I love Unior for pliers and that's probably it.

  2. Your Christmas presents look lovely and I like the idea of using bags. Unless you skip gifts like we do. It's not that were not merry, just that we focus on stuff like chocolate, Christmas music, the pretty tree, and the breakfast strata with spinach and Gruyère cheese I'm making for the kids (daughter Rachel 26 and son Jason 33) Sunday morning. I will probably take a lot of photos :).

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm a big fan of The Gift Bag, especially if it can be reused. Those are quite nice. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. You see I'm catching up before I get behind again....

    The photo safari gift/experience for your niece is inspired! She will love you and it truly, madly, deeply.

    The present for your faux-mole benefits you rather a lot, but I feel sure he will love it as well. Sometimes practical gifts are beautiful things (and they tend to suit those who prefer no gifts at all).

    Happy holidays to the holiday fiend!

    ps I have left you a gift of sorts on my blog. ;)

  5. coffeeaddict, I looked up the Alpha tools website, that's another league!

    Susan, I guess we will have to wait until the kids are grown up until we can think about skipping gifts.

    déjà pseu, and a Happy New Year to you! I am enjoying your "10 days" a lot.

    Vix, Mr Paula lacks the power of imagination. I am sure the moment he uses the tool, he will understand why I have been hopping around him in excitement. Thank you for the gift! Now I need to nail down the photo safari (my father recommended a test run in advance).