Thursday, 1 December 2011

Explicit Content aka Chopped-Off Hair

Hello, hello!

To those, who you can't stand the look of chopped-off hair on the floor, imitating Tribbles, please don't scroll down. Because today we chopped a lot!

Here the story behind the story:
About three weeks ago, I asked my hairstylist during my regular appointment (touch-up for the roots), to change my look. I was bored with my straight, shoulderlength, hanging hair. I seeked movement and less of a ponytail, a haircut, that actually behaves like one and not like a ponytail. Because that's what I've got by the end of everyday fo the past years: a ponytail.

Today was the big day: I sat down on the chair of another hairstylist, where I have never been before. I was naive: imagined it to be an easy process – him seeing me and him immediately knowing what to do. But it's not like that. Hairstylists don't want to perform radical changes on women they've just met for the first time in their life. At least not without a decent talk. So there I was, sitting in the chair at 9am (= early in Paula-Time) and answering a lot of challenging questions. Not the easiest job. For both of us. After having asked many questions (what do I like about my hair, how do I style my hair, what do I expect ...) He got the message and he made sure I won't knot my hair together in a ponytail.

I have to say I felt a bit sorry for him, because he had to deal with hair that I can only describe as not exactly the nicest quality stuff. My hair is damaged, dry and the roots are showing (in brown and grey). Usually the salons colour the hair FIRST, then comes the cut. Not this time around. I guess I will go back to my old hairstylist for the colour and stay with the new one for the cuts. But how to tell the old one his cuts where crappy?! No doubt, he will notice, that I went to see someone else ;-)

See for yourself:
Hair on the ground fascinates me.
Hair, sliding down the nylon cape, fascinates me even more!

It was fun, watching the stylist stepping on the cut off straw in the floor.


  1. I'm exactly the same, the moment my hair reaches pony tail legth, tha's the only way I'll wear it.
    Finding a good hairstylist is a problem. I've had one for 4 years, but recently I'm not satisfied anymore. Next time we'll have a nice long chat. Love your new bob, I think it's fresh and youthful :-)

  2. LOVE IT!!! You look so chic and the haircut frames your gorgeous face.

  3. I love it! I grew my hair out (after having it in a very structured bob for years) for our wedding and I hated the long, hangy-ness of it. So about 4 months ago, I cut it all off again. Never looked back.

    Your hair looks fantastic.

  4. Looks great on you!! Just reminded me that I need to get my hair cut...

  5. I think the hairstyle really suits you. Very chic.

  6. Nice hair style. Should swing about with ease! Peg

  7. coffeeadict, 4 years - would be like a lifespan in my time coordinate system. I move on every other year, mainly because the hairdressers don't like big changes.

    déjà pseu, thank you! Hair can be so much more than just "long".

    Jen, I guess that was a long engagement. ;-)
    Today I felt as if I have gotten the typical haircut pregnant women choose before giving birth: one looks neat and elegant under any circumstances. My sister and co-workers chose the "Bob" for that reason. With long hair it's way more difficult. Thank you for the compliment :-*

    Mrs Stranded, thank you! Mr Paula was happy he noticed the haircut (it was not always like that in the past)

    Chicatanyage, merci! I might go even shorter over the next months!

    Peg, you are right! It's truly "bouncy". yumm.

  8. Wow! You look great! I really like the bob on you. It must feel so soft and silky! You must now have the healthiest hair in Austria. No split ends!

  9. due to lack of time, just one exclamation: AWESOME! Congrats to the new do, xox, Macs :-)

  10. I love it!! I had a blunt bob a few years ago and adored the cut, it's so sophisticated and easy.

  11. Adrienne, I am becoming a good girl: today I put on a mask. No more dry hair for me!

    Macs, Thank you!! PS: "Awesome" - I stumbled over awesome today in a foreword (see posting "Saturday Afternoon".).

    Black is the New Black, yay, I DO feel more sophisticated. Thank you Vidal. ;-)

  12. Definitely, a ta dah! moment! Looks great.

  13. That is a very attractive style for you. Love it.